Monday, October 22, 2012

DataCation, PupilPath, Skedula and the SLC?

Maybe I am showing my age, but I don’t think so; the SLC has always stood for Small Learning Community and still does.   Many large schools like New Dorp High School, however, use the Small Learning Community model to create smaller learning environments within big schools.  We have witnessed this strategy improve academic performance at many of our bigger schools. 
But now, you will want to be on the lookout for the new version of SLC - short for “Shared Learning Collaborative.”  The new SLC offers unique technologies and services to store data by schools, districts, and states.  This means educators with information about academic learning can connect students, content, and tools to personalize instruction for all students. 
After attending the SLC Camp in NYC I saw hundreds of educators, parents, and developers get excited about what “collaboration” in the schools might come to mean.  Renewed efforts to tag content are facilitating the connection of data points to form instructional maps that can guide individuals toward common ends.
If you do a Google Search on “Slope of a Line,” for example, it will yield 12,900,000 URLs.  The last time I checked, nobody had time to evaluate all that content. The SLC, however, will allow you to tap into many content resources that are immediately relevant to your students’ performances.
Whether you are referring to “Small Learning Community” or now “Shared Learning Collaborative,” the SLC makes sense in today’s schools.
Peter Bencivenga
CaseNEX - DataCation
Have you seen Skedula in NYC?  If not watch it here:

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