Friday, September 14, 2012

All Teachers,

I would like to welcome all of you back and hope you have a successful school year to come.  I know each year the challenges of teachers can grow more difficult as a lot of your responsibility becomes more around management than teaching.  At DataCation we work with you to make sure the systems you have in place help make the management job a bit easier so you have more time to teach.  Founded by teachers, DataCation uses your advice and opinions to make things better, so please keep them coming.   I taught high school for 16 years in New York City, and can remember all the organization and preparation it took to start the school year off right.  I know the preparation you just went through to get your classes in shape, finding all the right supplies for your classroom and creating the perfect space for students to learn.  I recently received a Facebook post on my wall from a former student that I wanted to share. You can see how your efforts today will have a long lasting impression on your students:

From Mike Valdez:
“This message is to all of the amazing teachers who have hustled the last few weeks to get their supplies together, prep their lesson plans, and basically get ready for the 12+ hr work days, monday - friday, weekend hrs, personal money spent for supplies, and basically going above and beyond to help build the next generation.

I know for a fact that if it weren't for the amazing teachers I had while growing up, I wouldn't be at the point in life where I am right now. (E.g. Peter Bencivenga for introducing me into the world of web programming, and probably being the stepping stone into the tech world --- and I'm now gratefully working at an amazingly innovative tech driven company (and living in a city with a similar mindset...))

Teachers --- keep pushing even through the difficult times, it's an amazingly self-less path you've chosen, because in the end you can be inspiring someone onto the path that will lead them to greatness :)”

This was a great reminder that those years of work that I spent teaching made a difference for students like Mike Valdez, and the work you are putting in now will influence your students many years down the road. Thank you for the difference that you are making today, and the positive effect you can have on each and every student this year.   Enjoy the new school year!

Peter Bencivenga